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Ben Roberts



…professionally speaking

I am an English language skills trainer and public speaking coach with nearly 35 years background as a theater artist, acting instructor, dialogue/dialect coach, director, and producer. From this vast amount of experience, I have developed an approach to public speaking suitable for anyone wishing to achieve a comfortable ease before groups of people large or small.


These are selected credits from the last 30 plus years of my work...



2009-'13 Actor SVT - En Pilgrims Död, Fallet-Skandia, Landet Runt


2004-'06 Associate Director/Producer Daedalus & Sons Theater NYC


1999 Spokesperson for Disarmament to the U.S. Mission to NATO on behalf of

Washington Square United Methodist Church NYC


1999 Cultural Ambassador to The Hague Appeal for Peace appointed by the

International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms


1996-'05 Associate Artistic Director Kairos Theater NYC


1993-'03 Acting Teacher & Director of Teen Theater Artists In Search Of… NYC


1993-'07 Associate Director Artists In Search Of… NYC


1991-'92 Artistic Director Theater 141 NYC


1983 Twice National Champion Universtiy Speech Competition

with University of Mississippi Forensic Speech Team

-Poetry Interpretation & Dramatic Interpretation

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